t’s that time of year when we close up the house as tight as we can to keep the cold out. Making sure the doors seal when closed the windows latch snugly, doing what we can to prevent the loss of heat for the cold months ahead.

But what about closing in all those “germs”? Never fear, DustBusters is here to help. In this blog post we will cover somethings you can do that will help clear out the germs and keep them out thought the winter, and even give you the bonus of the home being easier to clean for those upcoming holiday parties.

Bedding – This may seem obvious to some, but when was the last time your replaced you mattress? While we are not interested in you spending you money on things you don’t need, one thing that is certain is the mattress is said to need to be replaced at least every 8 years as it’s a place where bacteria like to grow. So, consider this if it has been more than 8 years. If your mattress is fairly new, then you will simply want to have it professionally cleaned and allow drying thoroughly before replacing the bedding. Be sure to change the sheets each week to keep down the bacteria, dust and mites.

Carpets/Draperies – Vacuum your carpets and draperies thoroughly, then remove your vacuum bag and dispose of it. Then have them professionally cleaned and sanitized. Not only will they be clean, but they will be free of dust and germs.

Heating and Air Conditioning System – It is always recommended that you have your furnace professionally serviced before turning it on for the season. Many service providers will be offering discounts during the fall season, watch for the those special offers and schedule you cleaning as soon as possible. If you have never had your vent system cleaned you may want to consider this as well. This will help limit the amount of dust that is pushed into the home through the ventilation system. And finally, be sure to change the filter at least every 30 days.

Damp Surfaces – Clean surfaces that tend to stay moist a while, like shower enclosures, sinks and floor drains, with mold-busting cleansers or a homemade preparation made with a weak solution of bleach and dish washing liquid.

We hope you find this information helpful in fighting the dust and the germs this fall and winter season. Want to pass this responsibility on to someone else? No problem! Give us a call today, Dustbusters, House Cleaning Services Northern Kentucky, we will help you become dust free today.