Don’t let the burden of cleaning and preparing the home for the holidays rob you of your holiday cheer. Let’s make things easy by starting ahead of time on the heavy stuff and then we will just need a lite spruce up before the family arrives for the celebrations. So let’s get started! 1. Clean out the coat closet! Get that closet cleaned out and organized to create space for the guests winter wear. Need this space for storage? No worries! Grab a few bins from the local dollar store, or warp a few boxes in festive paper. Now you have a great place to store your necessities, leaving plenty of room for the guest apparel and a clean organized look as well. 2. Scrub the bathroom: go ahead and give that bathroom a good scrubbing. It’s a big job to clean those shower walls and get the floor sparkling, so plan ahead and get this job done in advance. Then the day before your big event, a quick wipe down will have it guest ready. 3. Clean out the fridge. The holiday celebrations are centered around Mom’s dressing, Aunt Mary’s apple pie and loads of other great dishes. Make room for leftovers. Clear out the fridge, wipe down the shelving and place a fresh box of opened baking soda in the back corner to help keep it fresh smelling. Now you are ready to store those yummy leftovers. 4. Microwave ready? Give the microwave a good cleaning inside and out and prepare it for the workout ahead. 5. Ready up the guest room: Fresh linens, some seasonal floral arrangements and closet space will make the room feel like home for the holidays. A few little touches will make all the difference and your guests are sure to enjoy. 6. Deep clean the living space: Take time to vacuum behind the furniture, clear out the cob webs and give a good dusting to the living area. Add a seasonal candle, fresh cut seasonal floral and the living space will be fresh, warm and inviting. We hope that you find these few tips helpful in preparing for the holiday celebrations ahead. Too much to do and need assistance with cleaning and organizing? DustBusters is here to help. Give us a call today, and we will have your home holiday ready in no time.