Cleaning With Vinegar, Yes or No?

DustBusters, Your Northern Kentucky Home Cleaning Service Experts, says go for it!

If cleaning with the “natural” items vs. chemical cleaners is your groove, you will want to be sure to add vinegar to your list of must-have items. I would highly suggest using the lite vinegar for this and leave the Balsalmic for the salad. 🙂

So where to begin? One significant area to use vinegar to clean is the microwave. Yes! Get those pesky stuck on foods off in no time flat.

In a safe microwave bowl
2 parts warm water
1 part vinegar
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Place bowl in the microwave for approximately 6-7 minutes on high. Once the cycle is complete, leave sitting, with the door closed for 2 minutes. Open microwave, discard mixture in the bowl (please use caution as the contents will be extremely hot) and wipe down microwave interior and exterior.

The bathroom is another great place to apply the use of vinegar. Pair this fabulous item with some baking soda, and you can rage a full blown attack on soap scum! Create a paste of the 2 and use it in your tub, sink, faucets fixtures and more.  Be sure to avoid using on any stone or marble surfaces, as these can be damaged by vinegar’s acidity.

Want to take this method outside the bathroom, go for it. It’s great to use on stainless, mirrors windows and more.

Oh, and did we say carpets? Have a stubborn stain that just won’t budge? Try a mixture of vinegar and water applied to the affected area, allow to sit for 5-10 minutes, sprinkle with baking soda and let the baking soda soak up the vinegar and water mixture then sit until dry. Next vacuum until the baking soda is fully removed! This little trick has been known to work on even Red Wine!

Well, the DustBuster crew hopes that you find these tips helpful in your cleaning adventure. If you decide this is too much to do, and you’d rather sit and eat bonbon’s while someone else does the work, give us a call at DustBusters! We are your Northern Kentucky Home Cleaning Service Expert!