Disorganization creeps up on you and sometimes you don’t notice how badly you’re disorganized until it’s too late.  Here’s a few tips on getting all under control before it’s completely out of control!
  1. Sort your paper documents such as bill stubs, medical documentation, etc. Shred any unnecessary documents and neatly file away important documents in a filing cabinet or other storage container.
  2. For out of control craft supplies, separate supplies into logical piles. Since I scrapbook and make hand made greeting cards, my piles were paper, rubber stamps, and miscellaneous craft tools. Consolidate into an easily accessible storage container such as a toolbox on wheels. Many craft stores sell craft storage containers that are perfect for keeping your items organized.
  3. Sort through bathroom cabinets and get rid of any expired medicines, make up, and other toiletries. Using expired items can make you sick!
  4. Keep a purge mentality all year long. This will make your job much easier when the time comes to clean and organize again.