Summer Time with the Kids

It is summer and the kids are home and full of summer energy. While we love having them home from the everyday school grind, Keeping the house in order can be a chore. Let’s face it keeping those kids rooms tidy is a day to day, that is a challenge that can seem impossible.

Here at DustBusters, we put together a few little summer tips that may help in keeping those kids rooms a little more orderly and hopefully, once running well, will take a little of the load off of your plate. Of course, these will need to be adjusted depending on the age of the child, overall I think you will enjoy and hopefully find them helpful.

1. Clean With Them

Yes, I know I just lost half of you with that statement, because sometimes doing it ourselves is much easier. Stick with me for a moment. The goal here to become successful, and measure that success by when we tell the to clean their rooms, and they do it well on their own. Some teaching has to take place for a bit to help us achieve the end result. Key in this is walking through the process with them, encouraging them each step along the way to achieve the goal. They will learn as you work with them and before you know it they will have you saying “Job well done” when they have completed it on their own.

2. Teach Them To Make Their Bed

If your child is old enough to run around play and make a mess, get in and out of bed on their own, pick up the iPad or tablet and pull up their favorite video, then they are ready to make their bed. It may not be perfect when they start but at least they will be developing skills. At first, you will need to aid them, but before you know it they will be doing it on their own. Be sure to have them make their bed daily. The fact that the bed is made, somehow makes a room feel clean and more organized.

3. Declutter For A “Less Is More” Space

Keeping the toys and books to a minimum will help in the organization and clean up. Have a dedicated place for items to be placed and teach the child this is where they go. If we take the time to initially teach them, then they will follow. Embrace the less is more concept. After all I am sure we can all say that our children have more toys, than they even could play with.

4. Make A Game Of Cleaning Time

Kids love games, and they love to believe they are winning the challenge. Use fun game ideas to motivate them to get the job quickly but thoroughly.

  • Use a timer to see how long it takes them.

  • Give them points for each task completed

  • Have a reward for a “Job well done”

5. Create A Task Lists

Sometimes as children are learning what all needs to be completed, it is best to have a task list for them to follow. There are plenty of chore charts and boards that can be purchased online or at your local Hobby Lobby or Walmart. You can most likely even find a pre-made printable list online. Here are a few samples of what you could add to a task list.

  • Make Your Bed

  • Place books in book basket

  • Hang up your Jacket

  • Place shoes on shoe rack in closet

  • Place crayons in crayon box

  • Put match box cars in the car bucket

I hope you find these suggestions useful in training those kiddos to keep their rooms neat and clean, so you all have more time to spend together this summer.

Want to spend all summer with the kids and leave the cleaning to someone else? Give us a call at DustBusters! One time clean or reoccurring service, whatever your cleaning need we can provide the service.